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Book medical tests at top quality labs. Get your sample collected from home.

Choose The Right Test

Search from a wide network of renowned labs. Book tests and scans based on different preferences including cost, time, location and more. Choose from an extensive list of testing options including blood, urine and tissues tests. Choose from a range of tests including Full Blood Count Test, Blood and Urine Cultures, Kidney Renal Profile, Liver Function Tests, Cholesterol Tests, Diabetes Tests and more.

Choose from an extensive list of testing options from blood, urine to diabetes tests and many more, order lab test online from the labs that are close to you.

Home Sample Pickup

The laboratory's home sample collection team will arrange a pickup of your specimen on request. Select the home pickup option and choose a convenient pickup time for you. The laboratory team will contact you before arriving and pickup the sample at your ease. Some of the more complex tests require you to be at the lab which is clearly specified with each test shown on the website. You won't be able to choose the home pickup option in case you select one of these tests.

Convenient & Time Saving

The associated lab will perform a complete interpretation of your test results; the results of these tests are then reviewed by experts and radiologists who provide a detailed summary of the findings. These test reports are then shared with you via e-mail or SMS as per your convenience.

The whole process from booking the test to home collection and eventually the results has been developed with a focus on ease of our clients.